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“Harsh Tobacco Company” is a premier manufacturer and distributor since 1970 of high-quality tobacco products, including Sizes 2, 3, 4, and 5 Tobacco Dry Leaves, as well as Tobacco Powder. With years of expertise in the tobacco industry, our company is devoted to providing our discerning customers with the utmost in tobacco excellence. Our tobacco leaves are hand-picked and carefully harvested at the zenith of their maturation, then artfully cured to bring out their full-bodied flavor and rich aroma. We offer a diverse range of sizes to cater to varying preferences, from the diminutive Size 2 and 3 leaves to the larger and more robust Size 4 and 5 leaves. Additionally, we supply finely ground tobacco powder for those seeking a more potent smoking experience. Also, We are also deeply invested in promoting responsible tobacco use and educating our customers on the potential risks associated with smoking.

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Being a dedicated and responsible name for making the perfect productivity quality, our team is well experience.


Our unwavering focus on quality control and product excellence is ingrained in every facet of our business, from the selection of the finest tobacco leaves to the meticulous curing and preparation of our products.

Why Us?

Whether you are a seasoned tobacco connoisseur in search of the perfect blend or simply seeking a bold and satisfying smoking experience, Harsh Tobacco Company offers something to suit your needs.